Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Desert Hope

I thought I would ask the Poet at Jaybern to write poem about the desert and this is what he wrote, what do you think?

The golden sun glares down
sapphire skies stretch to the horizon.
Heat shimmers like waves
over the barren landscape.
Yet nothing moves.

Barren land lies tortured,
its surface cracked and split.
Each shattered fragment
crumbles at its edges.
Barren and crumbled.

The occasional withered stick
or sun bleached carcase
break the monotony
of the shimmering surface. 
This is a forgotten land.

Here in the midst of nothingness,
shattered, desperate souls live,
in a shattered desperate land.
Yet this stretch is set apart.
Here in the middle of nowhere
three tracks appear.

Unlike all other tracks;
these do not pass through,
they simply exist.
Three straight lines
scored on the barren land,
a trinity.

The tyre tracks bring
hope, help and healing,
doctors, teachers, and relief staff bring skills
and the materials for a better life,
but more important; MAF aircraft*
represent the coming of the message.

The tracks herald news,
great news.

John Carré Buchanan
22 February 2013
MAF stands for Mission Aviation Fellowship a charity which loves to bring help, hope and healing to remote people in remote communities, using small aircraft.
The photo's were taken by Biggles Abroad recently...

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