Thursday, 18 October 2012

A whisper in the sand

I do love words and whilst neither a writer or a poet on paper, perhaps I am both at heart.
 Poet at Jayburn inspired me to put a few words tentatively down - down tentatively.  
It does seem that sometimes you can make words spin, turn dance and sing, so they create an image, painted in such a way that perhaps it is only yours to see. 

                  Worn out...   
         they rest on Faya's sands, 
scorched by the silent sun, 
squint under azure skies. 
Weary feet,
search for refreshment in the season of the rain? 
Little chance!
 Sweat dries before it wets.
The cloudless blue above an aurum carpet below, 
so rich in a one off colour that lay beneath the sole.

  Rocky outcrops stand aloof, proud guardians of the silence.  
Broken only by the abrasive whisper of sand upon sand, 
it swirls around rocky outcrops,
 like children playing chase, 
kiss me, 
catch me, ssssssss, 

it quietly covers their footprints in the sand.  


  1. Bryan, This has some lovely imagery in it. Would like to spend some time working with you on it, and others you may have. All the best John