Monday, 10 October 2011

A Great Photo can remind one of when - A Jolly Jaunt from Juba to Pagak

Have you ever snapped a photograph that as far as your concerned is great, in fact if one was not so modest one might even declare it 'brilliant', catches the atmosphere, captures the moment, it may or may not be technically good - you just love it. Well...

I was in Pagak a little village near the Ethiopian border about 18 months ago, then Pagak was in Sudan now it is in South Sudan, they have not moved the country or village but.... , anyway being a border town both the Sudanese Pounds and Ethiopian Birr could be found working together in the little village shops. I had stayed overnight after dropping some passengers off, who were visiting some projects having flown in from Malakal and whilst getting ready next day to carry on, on my way I bumped into this friendly chap sitting quietly by his hut in the cool of the morning, he wore a delightful smile, as he pondered the day ahead and I felt the photo caught  the moment.

I was rather please in July to get a chance to go back to Pagak to drop off some medical supplies and a few other bits and pieces, when I had last landed it was hot and dusty, before I could land I had to chase off a football match that was enjoying the relatively smooth open ground.
Today all was quiet and the rains had not long been in the area, so whilst the day was warming it was still very pleasant. Alas it truly was a drop, load and go otherwise it would have been good to look for my pipe smoker but perhaps next time.

So here is a quick view of the latter flight 'A Jolly Jaunt from Juba to Pagak!


  1. Love it, Fantastic. The photo of the man and his pipe is magnificent.
    The favorite part of the film is the shot at the end where the huts have an aircraft parked outside as if the residents are about to commute to work, the juxtaposition between old and new is superb - More please.