Saturday, 4 June 2011

24 hours ...

There was a beautiful 80 year old 4 masted Barque the Sea Cloud moored in the Little Russel a few days ago and I wondered how long it would take me to sail to East Africa. 
 Departing home always leaves me with an peculiar feeling, saying good bye, sadness and excitement.  My journey would have taken 10 days to complete by air in 1931 - I know as I have a first flight, dated air mail cover, or weeks & weeks by sea. 
 Bags in the car at 0920, only about 6 minutes to check-in at Guernsey airport, good ol Aurigny's ATR72 started up on time, by 1020 I was heading north into the mid morning sunshine. Coach to Heathrow - ipods are wonderful things, then a 5 hour wait before they would let me into departures for a decent cup of coffee!
Always wonder where every one is going at Heathrow,  after all I had a perfectly good reason to travel, as I was Uganda bound for work.  Every one shopping shopping shopping, so many looked board, impatient, tired, sad and some just lonely......

 The views from my bedroom are quite remarkable as the sun rose. I'd received a rather nice up-grade which meant the morning looked splendid over Niger at 540kts. Arguably breakfast was some of the fastest food  I've ever eaten.
Just 24 hours later I arrived at the MAF Guest House and some of the shops around the corner seemed so much quieter...
One thing I love about my job is enables me to be part of other peoples journeys, being a purveyor of hope.

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  1. The Change in your background makes your blog look much fresher, It looks great.
    Glad you had a goos trip, please keep the blogs comming.