Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Changes happen...

This is a bit of a test to see if I can convert my simple MAF blogg into something a little more creative...
Have you ever said to yourself 'I think it is it time for a change?' 
I was flying out of Entebbe a couple of weeks ago heading 160 miles west, to Bunia. This little Congolese town, in eastern DRC aka Congo, is dead easy to find, just keep the equator line on your left, that is the red dashed line - you cannot miss it and when you reach a Lake nip across it, then pop over the ridge and there it is.  Well I was in my Cessna Caravan and I do use 'my' somewhat loosely, a rather nice red and white 10 seater, powered by a single engine, a nice PT-6 turbine, the registration letters are 5X-BIL, so for obvious reasons the aircraft is affectionately known as Bill.
Bill & I were at 10,500ft and after some overnight rain the air was beautifully smooth and clear, such that one could almost see for ever. Dropping under some clouds of the white fluffy friendly variety, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps in the evening they might develop into a spot of rain.
Passengers and freight delivered, and new pax tightly strapped in and I head for home. It was only 90 minutes earlier that I had passed this way before but the sight to greet me was somewhat different, gone were soft friendly cumulus...  I was greeted by a black wall of ground to ceiling greyness, dark & sombre, heavy and dank, almost black in parts the ominous water laden clouds provided an impenatrable forest like barrier. Banked sharp right, for some 25 miles until further south the sky lightened and I could slip around the storms edge, yet it was still another 20 miles before I could head back on course.
Always amazed at the speed at which circumstances can change ... Baden Powell's motto 'Be prepared' are truly words of wisdom.


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