Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Bush Pilot by John Carre Buchanan

I rather liked this short poem that John Carre Buchanan, that he did for me about a bush pilot working with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), so I have added some of my photo's from Chad where I am on assignment at them moment, a little known but a remarkable nation where the jungles of Africa meet the deserts of Arabia, south of Libya, west of The Sudan and north of the Cameroons and CAR with Nigeria and Niger to the west.  I have to confess the silhouette is reflected over a river in the Northern Congo!

There is a real sense of privilege, working as a Bush Pilot and I thought these words catch the moment. 

The Bush Pilot

They wait
Keen eyes search the horizon
hoping for a glint of reflected sunlight.
Sharp ears filter the sounds of the bush
listening for the distant drone -
that heralds his coming.

This lifeline,
remains open where others have failed.
Some barred by conflict
others closed by weather, disasters or just – too far from wealth
and so he comes.                                                          

Transforming lives.
Bringing help, hope and love.
Flying people to safety.
Delivering food, medicine, equipment,
insight and encouragement
to those that need it.

a silvery light in the heavens,
approaches like an angel.
Dust, hopes and cheers rise
as the wheels touch the red earth
and the bush pilot steps down.
Excitement soars                           
John CarrĂ© Buchanan        24 May 2012

 PS John Buchanan has some excellent poems on his site Poet at Jaybern and it is worth checking the link on the right side of this page. 
John also has the poem on his site as